David Drew psychic medium

David was born to this world in 1954 to a childhood right out of the movie, 'Sixth Sense'.

Whilst mysterious to his family, playing with spirit children and talking to his Native American Chief guide was very natural to the boy David. Adolescence brought him - via a series of coincidences- to the door of a Spiritualist Church, where he found people who understood him and took him under their wings.

By the age of 14, David was giving public demonstrations of his unusual abilities on the rostrum, and soon, as his popularity overtook him, on stage in halls and theatres throught the country and eventually the world.

With adulthood came the realisation of the huge responsibility that came with his gifts. He began to remember past lives - not only in this world but also in the spirit world, and he realised his duty to tell people how to live a good life and therefore find themselves deserving of a wonderful place in the spirit world when they die.

After 50 years working as a proffessional psychic medium, ill health has forced David into retirement and he is no longer able to give personal readings or public appearances. His work lives on in his books and his blog.

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