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The Other Side; A Psychic's Story is the life story of David Drew, a young boy who sees ghosts.

With foreword by Ricky Tomlinson, this gripping page turner examines the life of a child who interacts with the dead on a daily basis, and how the ability to see them affects his family and ultimately his adult life.

David was born with the gifts most mediums spend a lifetime developing. His story begins in the smog of the West Midlands, with his mother struggling to bring up her four children alone. When her son sees family members who died years before he was born, she takes him to a psychiatrist. The boy gives the doctor a message from his dead wife and is promptly discharged.

The teenage David struggles to understand why he is different. His adult life takes us on a journey encompassing poltergeists, bombs and startling revelations.

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David Drew psychic

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