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The Other Side: A Psychic's Story

'The Other Side; A Psychic's Story' is the true story of a young boy who sees ghosts.

With foreword by Ricky Tomlinson, this autobiographical work examines the life of a child who interacts with the dead on a daily basis, and how the ability to see them affects his family and ultimately his adult life.

David was born with the gifts most mediums spend a lifetime developing. His story begins in the smog of the West Midlands, with his mother struggling to bring up her four children alone. When her son sees family members who died years before he was born, she takes him to a psychiatrist. The boy gives the doctor a message from his dead wife and is promptly discharged.

The teenage David struggles to understand why he is different. His adult life takes us on a journey encompassing poltergeists, bombs and startling revelations.


Who am I ?

I was born to this world in 1954 to a childhood right out of the movie, 'Sixth Sense'.

Playing with spirit children and talking to my Native American Chief guide was very natural to me as a boy. Adolescence brought me - via a series of coincidences- to the door of a Spiritualist Church, people understood me and took me under their wings.

By the age of 14, I was giving public demonstrations of my abilities on the rostrum, and soon went on to stage in halls and theatres throughout he world.

As an adult I began to remember past lives - not only in this world but also in the spirit world, and realised my duty was to tell people how to live a good life and so find themselves deserving of a wonderful place in the spirit world when they die.

After 50 years working as a psychic medium, ill health has forced me into retirement and I no longer give personal readings or public appearances. I continue my work by reaching people through the written word.



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Stairway to Heaven by David Drew

Is there really a heaven and hell? Is it true we have many lives? What happens when we die? Do I have an aura? What is a poltergeist?
This reference book on life and the afterlife lays out the answers to all your questions in an easy to read manner.

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The Other Side: A Psychic's Story by David Drew

With foreword by Ricky Tomlinson, this autobiography examines the life of a child who interacts with the dead on a daily basis, and how the ability to see them impacts on his family and ultimately his adult life.


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What They’re Saying at Amazon

This is a very enjoyable read and once you start it you can't put it down. This is well explained, which makes it easy reading and David's humour describing various adventures in his life is a real bonus. Spot on!

Julia McIntyre

Got this on kindle. Loved it! Informative as well as interesting. Would have been entertaining if it was fiction but the fact that it is an autobiography is extraordinary.

M Donnelly

A great book!.. Well worth the money and truly a joy to read...If you like books that tell the author's background and how they deal with being psychic this is a most interesting read...Worth every star...Thank you Mr. David Drew



Natural Born Medium

Psychic Gifts

Spiritual Healing

David conducts healing with the help of the late Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who also peforms psychic surgery through him. Healing may be 'hands on' or absent. Results vary from some improvement, pain relief, to a complete cure. 

He has been featured on many TV shows and a documentary was filmed about his work.

Clairvoyance / Clairaudinence

David has held public evenings of Clairvoyance at various venues throughout all over the world, reaching vast numbers over 50 years. He talks about what happens when we die and passes on messages from those in the spirit world. 

He hosted psychic development classes, works as a trance medium and helped clear numerous  haunted houses and possessions.

Although he is retired, if you need any help or advice please feel free to email him.


Understand two words tonight, 'unselfish' and 'motive'. Try to be unselfish. Remember the motive behind what you do is very important.

-Blue Cloud,

David's spirit guide.


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