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  • Can I contact David?
    You can contact David by emailling Please be patient, as he receives mountains of emails each month.
  • How do I get a private reading from David?
    I am afraid that, due to health problems, David no longer provides individual readings. He is unable to recommend any individual, but advises that you choose someone who comes highly recommended by someone you know.
  • Can I receive spiritual healing from David?
    Although David no longer sees people privately, you can be added to his absent healing list, where he directs doctors in the spirit world to visit you at home. There is no charge for this, and donations are optional. Email your request to
  • How can I get absent healing?
    Just email David with your name, location, date of birth, a brief description of your condition and, if possible, a recent photo. Please be patient as he receives many requests. There is no chage for this and donation is optional.
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